Delft in a Day

Delft in a day is a special package full of group activities: an awesome bicycle tour along historical hotspots, a tasty lunch or diner at a characterful bistro & lunge and a visit to the world-famous production center of Delft Blue porcelain: Royal Delft. Everything in one to get the full ‘Delft’ experience. Visit and experience Delft. Throw your leg over the saddle of our dutch bikes and cruise along the canals in the famous Prinsenstad of the Netherlands. Discover the hidden secrets of the city with one of our guides, discover tasty flavours and explore the stories behind Delft Blue porcelain.

Biking with a guide of DelftByCycle is just a tad different. Enjoy the hidden gems and discover Delft in a continuous story line. You will come across cozy squares, hip hotspots and yet unknown stories.

Enjoy the wonderful world of the Royal Delft Blue Porcelain for an hour. Everything between then and now will pass. The last surviving pottery factory from the 17th century: world famous and completely contemporary.

A delicious lunch or dinner at Sevenhills New York Bistro & Lounge in the heart of Delft. You can taste and share everything this place has to offer!

Which one do you choose?

Lunch Packagee

Bike tour + Visit Royal Delft + Lunch

A well-filled lunch platter with various bagels, small soups, salad with marinated chicken thighs and fresh tuna sashimi with wasabi mayonnaise. (Includes one drink and coffee after)

€57,50 PP

Diner Package

Fietstour + Bezoek Royal Delft + Diner

Complete 3-course tasting menu. Large, sturdy shelves with all kinds of starters, followed by various fish and meat main courses to finish with different desserts. (Excluding drinks)

€75,50 PP

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We had a fantastic day in Delft! The dutch way!


Winterslaap 😴

Positieve vibes! Ondanks alle ellende kijken we terug op een bijzonder seizoen met toffe tours en nog toffere fietsvrienden👍. Natuurlijk wel flink wat minder kilometers in de benen dan normaal. Onze fietsen gaan nu iets eerder in winterslaap, zodat ze volgend seizoen weer in de hoogste versnelling kunnen 🚲…
👉Hulde aan alle fietsvrienden en tot maart 2021!

Due to the circumstances our bicycyles will get some rest a little earlier than usual. We’re looking back on quite a special season, but we will be ready to rock again in March 2021! Stay positive…💯

Team DelftByCycle