Cycling, or any Delft activities or Delft attractions, in Holland and thereby in Delft is normally super safe, so no reason to panic. The Classic DBC tour only uses cyclinglanes and safe roads. Also it’s possible to borrow a super goodlooking helmet, if you like. Our experienced DBC guides are really relaxed and never rush/speed up: they will look after you. And off course you will bike Delft responsible and carefully!

In our Terms & Conditions you can read that we expect you to know how to ride a bike Delft and that you have to be able to adapt to citytraffic. No, you really do not have to be a stuntman or athlete, but you have to be able to join the group throughout the 3 hour tour. But let us tell you this: we also do not like rushing, so let’s keep it relaxed! 

Dutch weather can be quite mutable: one moment the sun is shining, a minute later it’s raining cats and dogs. Like real dutchmen a little bit of wind and rain does not scare us at all. That’s why the DBC Classic Tour will start even when there is some rain or wind. When there is storm ahead or when it’s just raining to much, we will have to cancel the tour. DBC will inform you about a possible cancellation as soon as possible. In case of a ‘weather based cancellation’ you won’t have to pay anything/we will make a 100 procent refund. 

We like to keep it on a personal level. That’s why the tourgroup will never be bigger than 15 people, let’s say cyclingfriends. Everybody can book The Classic Tour, when you are with a group or also when you are just on your own. At the end of the tour we all will be friends anyway. Please do keep in mind that our Delft activities or Delft attractions will only start with at least 4 persons/bookings.

Please do wear clothes you really feel comfortable in. The DBC Classic Tour isn’t a superfast sporttour, but hey flexible and comfortable clothing is always nice isn’t it? Do keep in mind that Dutch weather is quite mutable, sun and rain are good friends here. DBC offers rain poncho’s for just, but to be honest: you will look like a living plasticbag! That’s why it’s always a good idea to bring your own rain clothes.

Of course, a city like Delft deserves to be recorded in multiple ways. But make sure that you’ll only take a picture when we are standing still at a sight or during an information break. In summary, do not photograph while cycling! Trust us, we make sure you get off the bicycle with enough photos

Of course! Real cyclists are always in for something special. Want to go on a romantic tour together with your future lover? Want to get on a bicycle together with your office team, do some teambuilding? Please do contact us and together we will make a perfect tourplan!

Bike rental Delft? Things to do in Delft? DBC will always conform your booking asap by email. All your questions and or comments you can send us by mail. But hey, even we are with-it, so even trough Whatsapp and SMS you can contact us! DelftByCycle is one of the greatest things to do in Delft.       

Binnenkort weer open!
Tijd om alle fietsen te poetsen, de spaken in het vet te zetten en de banden op te pompen. Daarom gaan wij eventjes dicht.
Maar wees gerust: op 15 maart staan alle fietsen netjes klaar voor je. Boek nu alvast jouw tour voor 2019, jouw bedrijfsuitje of reserveer al een aantal fietsen.
Uiteraard zijn wij altijd bereikbaar (per e-mail of telefoon) voor al jouw vragen, opmerkingen, complimenten, boekingen en reserveringen.
Tot snel.