Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of DelftByCycle

All tour tickets purchased through this website are valid for redemption at DelftByCycle (DBC), located at Phoenixstraat 112 in Delft. We will need your reservation-number and ID’s to check you in.  

Definition of terms

Bicycle: the bicycle or the other case, which is (partly) the subject of the lease;

Tenant: the natural person or legal person who, as a tenant, enters into the rental agreement;

DelftByCycle: the natural person or company who, as DelftByCycle, enters into the rental agreement;

Rental agreement: the rental agreement applies to ‘separate’ rental of a bicycle and the bicycle tour.

Able to ride a bicycle

To join any of our bicyle tours you must be able to ride a bicyle confidently, safely and be able to bicyle at a quick enough pace that you are not slowing the tour group down. By booking any of our tours you agree that you and any other people you may have booked the tour for can ride a bicycle. If it turns out that you or your companions cannot ride a bicyle safely or at a normal pace then we reserve the right to take you or them off the tour. If you are taken off the tour because you cannot ride a bike, then you’ll get a 50 % refund.

Cancelation or re-scheduling

The booking can be changed or cancelled at any time prior to 48 hours before the scheduled start of your tour. If you cancel any time later than 48 hours we will have to charge you the full tourfee. To prevent certain unclarities, you can change or cancel the tour by phone or e-mail.

To re-schedule a booking, you must contact us by email: info@delftbycycle.nl. The ticket/booking is not transferable, has no cash value and may only be redeemed once. The tickets are date specific and it may not redeemed outside the valid dates.

Tour departure times

The bicyle Tour starts on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays at 10:00 and 15.00, as is confirmed on your reservation.


DelftByCycle (DBC) is not liable for any loss, injury, damage, or delay to any person or property connected with using this activity.

Check in

We advise you to be at our shop about 20 minutes before the tour starts to check in and pick up and try your bike. We will need your reservation-number and ID’s to check you in.

The tours start at 10:00 and 15:00 sharp. You must have checked in for the tour prior to these times. Late arrivals run the risk of being refused from the tour. We shall endeavor to re-schedule your tour where possible.


The excursion will not take place in the case of (severely) adverse weather conditions or other cataclysmic catastrophes. In each of these cases, the company DelftByCycle (DBC) maintains the right to use its own discretion when deciding the appropriateness of the excursion conducted.

In the case that the tour does not take place due to unpleasant weather conditions, your full amount will be refunded or upon request a new date may be selected on which you can participate in the tour. In scenario 2 (reschedule), no refund will be given.

The tour Meeting-point

The bicyle tours meets and departs from our shop located at Phoenixstraat 112. (We will have a bicycle ready for you here).

Usage of bicycles

The tenant must take all precautions against damage, loss or theft. It is not allowed to use alcohol during the bike tour.


A bicycle and tour guide is included for the duration of the bicyle tour and no deposit is required to join this activity. If you want you can hire a helmet for an extra of € 3,00. In case of rain we also provide rain ponchos for just € 1,00. Also we provide you with a bottle of water, one drink and one snack.

Bike and material responsibilty

Participants will be held responsible for any damage to the equipment provided to them by the company DelftByCycle (DBC) with the exception of flat tires or mechanical malfunctions. We reserve the right to inquire and assess the damages made and thereupon determine the nature of the damages accordingly. This also includes the loss of locks or keys. The organisation does not assume responsibility for loss of baggage, money, valuables or other items during the trip. Delft is very safe however you should take all appropriate measures to ensure that your personal belongings remain safe.

Insurance / liability

Renters/Participants are responsible for any damage to the bikes (excluding minor nicks or scratches). Renters/Participants are liable for the full replacement cost should the bike be lost or stolen.

In the unfortunate event of a stolen bicycle, it is your responsibility to report this to the police. Please provide a copy of the declaration given at the police station to us.

DelftByCycle is not liable for personal accidents, injuries, hospitalization, death, damage to personal property, material damage to third parties or by third parties or other actions or incidents, cancellations, delays or any other factor. By signing the bicycle rental agreement, DelftByCycle is protected from all claims in this regard.

The starting point is that all tenant(s) are personally insured for liability and medical expenses among other things. Costs arising from the aforementioned enumeration in the paragraph above can never be recovered from the members of DelftByCycle. The tenant indemnifies DelftByCycle from any damage of co-driver(s) or third parties, for which DelftByCycle may be liable under the law and for which DelftByCycle may not provide coverage.

The tenant indemnifies DelftByCycle of all fines, transactions and administrative sanctions and the like, which may be imposed on DelftByCycle in respect of crimes and offenses committed by the tenant and / or the driver and / or co-driver (s) during the rental period. For such fines, transactions and administrative sanctions, the tenant, in the relationship with DelftByCycle, and insofar as possible externally, bears the full risk and full responsibility and liability.

The tenant declares to be aware that no insurance has been taken out with regard to the bicycle. Any insurance that may be desired by the tenant must be taken out by the tenant himself and for his own account.


In de eerste versnelling!

Goed nieuws: vanaf 1 juli stappen we bij DelftByCycle weer heerlijk op het zadel. Eindelijk weer cruisen langs de grachten, al fietsbellend door het park en genieten van de mooiste verhalen op de meest bijzondere plekjes. Zucht… je zou er bijna sentimenteel van worden.

Open vanaf 1 juli
Vanaf 1 juli kun je dus weer heerlijk mee op een fietstour, of haal je jouw eigen gehuurde fiets op bij ons kantoor in Delftse Molen de Roos. Om dat veilig en verantwoord te doen, hebben we wel enkele dingen aangepast:
– Je kunt nu enkel een tour aanvragen, we bekijken per aanvraag of we de tour veilig aan kunnen bieden en nemen dan contact met je op. Iedere aanvraag wordt dus per mail of telefoon door DelftByCycle wel of niet bevestigd.
– Het is helaas niet mogelijk om met grote groepen bij de lokale horeca te pauzeren. Hiervoor wordt een gepast alternatief aangeboden.
– Voor het huren van een fiets is het belangrijk om online te boeken. Zo kunnen we je fiets(en) veilig en op tijd klaar zetten. Natuurlijk staat ontsmettingsmiddel klaar.

We hopen je snel weer ons prachtige Delft te kunnen laten zien en van jouw vakantie in eigen land of stad, een weergaloze ervaring te maken!

Good news: from 1 July, we will be back on the saddle at DelftByCycle. Finally cruising along the canals again, while biking through the park and enjoying the most beautiful stories in the most special places. Sigh … it would make you almost sentimental.

Open from July 1
From July 1, you can enjoy a bike tour again, or pick up your own rented bike at the shop at Delftse Molen de Roos. To do that safely and responsibly, we have adjusted a few things:
– You can now only request a tour, we will examine per request whether we can safely offer the tour and then contact you. Every request is therefore confirmed or not by email or telephone by DelftByCycle.
– Unfortunately it is not possible to pause with large groups at local restaurants and bars. A suitable alternative is offered for this.
– When renting a bicycle it is important to book online. This way we can prepare your bike (s) safely and on time. Of course, disinfectant is ready.

We hope to be able to show you our beautiful Delft again and to make your holiday or citytrip an unforgettable experience!

Team DelftByCycle